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John Galliano For Ladurée

British designer John Galliano has teamed up with Parisian pâtisserie Ladurée to create an exclusive collection of macarons. John Galliano chose to use two flavors; rose and ginger to create a unique box and in honor of his latest release fragrance Parlez-Moi d’Amour. The macarons come in boxes of either six, twelve, or eighteen and […]

Evian By Issey Miyake Bottle

Issey Miyake has designed his own limited edition Evian Bottle to add to the Evian designer bottle collection with the likes of Paul Smith, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix. The bottle designed by Issey Miyake features a signature flower emblazoned on the bottle giving off a glowing of both optimism and freshness decorated with imagery. […]

Kazaar Limited Edition Nespresso Coffee

Nespresso’s latest limited edition coffee is the Kazaar limited edition. Kazaar is an audacious blend of two Robustas specially prepared for Nespresso and features an Arabica from South and Central America, separately roasted, the coffee is of exceptional intensity, the highest available rated twelve on scale from one to ten. Its powerful bitterness and notes […]

San Pellegrino Meets Missoni

San Pellegrino has released a limited edition bottle in collaboration with fellow Italian fashion house Missoni. The bottle features Missoni’s signature print on the label. The bottles also come in a unique blue sleeve designed to maintain the temperature of the bottle during the summer featuring Missoni print and San Pellegrino’s red stars. The San […]

Tanzarú Limited Edition Nespresso Coffee

Nespresso’s latest limited edition coffee and the first special blend for 2010 is Tanzarú. Tanzarú is a blend of Arabica coffee beans from Peru and Tanzania roasted together to create a low strength coffee with a very fresh taste. The coffee has a mild body with strong top notes of fruity citrus, cherries and freshly […]

Prunier Love 2010 Yves Saint Laurent Limited Edition Caviar

Now in honour of Yves Saint Laurent, Maison Prunier has started to release for the first time in a year its limited edition caviar called Love 2010. The name derives from the seasons greetings sent by Yves Saint Laurent to friends and family, each featuring a painting based on the theme of love. The caviar […]

Armani Dolci For Halloween

Armani Dolci have created a collection unique chocolates to celebrate Halloween this year. The Armani Dolci Halloween chocolates are hand made by the Armani Dolci chocolatiers and are made with nuts and other ingredients. The chocolates are decorated with Halloween inspired colors such as orange, white and green and come in an orange box. The […]

Marni Macarons By Ladurée

Italian fashion house Marni has teamed up with Parisian pâtisserie Ladurée to create an exclusive collection of macarons. Consuelo Castiglioni, owner and head designer for Marni designed the boxes for the macarons which include both of Marni’s signatures polka dots and gold flower’s. The chocolate macarons are coated in edible gold leaf and come in […]

Singatoba Limited Edition Nespresso Coffee

The Swiss espresso company Nespresso have released their latest limited edition coffee for 2009 named Singatoba. Singatoba takes its name from the Lake Toba coffee growing region of Sumatra, Indonesia. The Blue Batak Arabica beans from the region are renowned for their fruity and woody taste and have been slow roasted by Nespresso to maintain […]

Paul Smith For Evian

British designer Paul Smith has collaborated with Evian to create several limited edition bottles of Evian’s world renowned water. The bottles designed by Paul Smith feature his signature multicolored stripes around the neck of the bottle which are printed with biodegradable ink so the glass bottles are fully recyclable. The bottles have five different bottle […]