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Nespresso Dharkan Limited Edition

Nespresso have created the newest addition to their permanent collection of coffee, called the Dharkan Limited Edition. This bold, flavorful Grand Cru is comprised of Arabica beans from Asia and Latin America and has hints of toasted cereals and cocoa powder. With an intensity rating of eleven, Dharkan gets its flavor from beans slow-roasted at […]

Nespresso Limited Edition Trieste & Napoli

The Nespresso Limited Edition Trieste & Napoli are the latest Grand Cru from Nespresso. Both of these limited edition blends offer rich, intense flavors: the Trieste rates a nine out of ten on Nespresso’s intensity scale, and the Napoli, with hints of smokiness and wood, exceeds the scale completely. Named for two seaside Italian cities, […]

Ladurée Strange Love Macarons By Reed Krakoff

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Ladurée have collaborated with designer Reed Krakoff to create Ladurée Strange Love Macarons By Reed Krakoff. Previous Ladurée collaborations include those with Louboutin and Marni. These delicate macarons are matte black dark chocolate and presented in a Reed Krakoff box. This limited edition macaron will be available exclusively this spring. […]

Nespresso Variations 2012

Nespresso have created the Variations 2012, a limited edition collection of coffee flavors. This year’s Variations, which are combined with Livanto Grand Cru, include coconut, hazelnut, and macadamia nut. Roasted hazelnut reveals praline flavors while macadamia nut delivers citrus notes and the coconut flavor is reminiscent of coconut macaroons. With an intensity of six, this […]

Nespresso Hawaii Kona

Nespresso have released Hawaii Kona, their latest limited edition coffee. The beans for this coffee were grown in volcanic grounds, then hand picked and dried to reduce moisture. With subtle, nutty notes and a fruity aroma, this coffee also features hints of hazelnut, which is more prominent if milk is added to the coffee. Tweet

Nespresso Crealto Limited Edition

Nespresso have released the Crealto Limited Edition. Created by Michelin-starred chef Mauro Colagreco, this Grand Cru is made using 100% washed Arabica beans from Indonesia, South America, and Central America. The beans for this limited edition were simmered three times longer than average roasting times to extract the best aromas and flavors, resulting in a […]

Ladurée Macarons By Lanvin

Parisian pâtisserie Ladurée have once again collaborated with a designer to create a line of their famous macarons, and the result is Ladurée Macarons By Lanvin. The eight, bubblegum flavored treats come in a colorful, whimsical box which depicts stylish women designed by Lanvin head designer Alber Elbaz. Tweet

Nespresso Naora

Nespresso have created the Nespresso Naora, a limited edition Grand Cru. A mix of late harvest coffee cherries, black currants, and blueberries, Naora is best enjoyed as an espresso but can be served with milk, as well. The fruity notes in this coffee, reflected in the purplish coffee capsules, are enhanced by the subtle hints […]

Diet Coke By Jean-Paul Gaultier

As the new creative director for Diet Coke, Jean-Paul Gaultier have designed a limited edition bottle collection which is themed “Night and Day”. The “Day” bottle features blue and white Breton stripes and is topped off by a red cap which resembles a beret. The “Night” bottle is adorned with a design of the female […]

Prunier Love 2012 Yves Saint Laurent Limited Edition Caviar

Maison Prunier have continued their collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent to release their Love 2012 Yves Saint Laurent Limited Edition Caviar. The name derives from the seasonal greetings Yves Saint Laurent used to send to family and friends, each featuring a drawing which represents the theme of love. The caviar, a perfect balance of roe […]