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Nespresso Pure Origin’s Grand Cru Espresso

Nespresso have released three new Grand Cru espresso’s into their range which come from the worlds top coffee producing countries. The new Grand Cru’s Indriya from India, Rosabaya de Colombia and Dulsão do Brasil are each sourced from a single plantation in each of their respective countries as opposed to the other grand cru’s which […]

Christian Louboutin Macarons By Ladurée

Parisian shoe maker Christian Louboutin has teamed up with Parisian pâtisserie Ladurée to create an exclusive collection of macarons. The macarons were created by Louboutin himself and Ladurée chief pâtissier Philippe Andrieu and inspired by the Mediterranean in the summer, the macarons are fig and date flavored. The macarons come in boxes inspired by Christian […]

Jura Impressa J5 Wood Editions

Swiss coffee machine makers Jura have strayed from their standard chrome designs with their wood editions. The Jura wood editions are variations of their Impressa J5 coffee machine which feature a wood veneer front. The Impressa J5 can make anything from a simple espresso to a highly complex cappuccino with ease, it features variable water […]

Evian Limited Edition Bottles By Jean-Paul Gaultier And Baccarat

Evian has teamed up with designer Jean-Paul Gaultier and crystal maker Baccarat to release a series of five limited edition Evian bottles. Each of the limited edition series of bottles has a different theme; bubbles bottle, drops bottle, tray bottle, reflection bottle and spring bottle. Each bottle is crafted by hand out of Baccarat crystal […]

Bulgari Chocolate Collection

Roman jewelers Bulgari has launched a collection of chocolates which are part of Bulgari’s diversification which in recent times has included hotels and resorts. The Bulgari chocolates are hand made and are inspired by Bulgari’s classic jewelry designs. The chocolates come delicately packed in Bulgari jewelry boxes and are only available in Bulgari flagship stores. […]

Jinogalpa Limited Edition Nespresso Coffee

The Swiss espresso company Nespresso have released their latest limited edition coffee for 2008 named Jinogalpa. Jinogalpa takes its name from the Nicaraguan towns of Jinotega and Matagalpa which are known for their exquisite Arabica coffee plantations. The Arabica coffee beans used by Nespresso are grown in the hills surrounding Jinotega and Matagalpa and are […]

Pierre Hermé Summer Macarons

For the summer Parisian pastry chef Pierre Hermé has created a number of unique Macarons. Pierre Hermé is known for his innovative recipes and this summers creations are certainly no different. This summers Macarons are available in wasabi, olive oil and pistachio & sour cherry varieties. The unique will only be available exclusively from Pierre […]

Coca Cola Light By Roberto Cavalli

Coca Cola have commissioned Roberto Cavalli to create three limited edition bottles of Coca Cola Light (Diet Coke) in Italy. The bottles features Cavalli’s signature animal print (leopard and zebra) and are designed to look as if the bottle is in a Cavalli dress. Only one hundred thousand bottles of each design will be made […]

Goroka Limited Edition Nespresso Coffee

The Swiss espresso company Nespresso have released their limited edition coffee for 2008 named Goroka. Goroka gets its name from the town in Papua New Guinea were the coffee beans are from. The coffee uses Arabica beans which were grown in the very humid and warm tropical rainforest of Papua New Guinea giving it an […]

Pierre Hermé Special Edition Macaron

Pierre Hermé has created a special edition Macaron to celebrate Macaron day today. Pierre Hermé is known for his imaginative Macarons which have included white truffles, fois gras and balsamic vinegar flavored ones. The special edition Macarons are made of chocolate and strawberries with all proceeds being donated to charity. The Macaron’s will be exclusively […]