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Ladurée Macarons By Tsumori Chisato

In honor of their one hundred fiftieth anniversary, Ladurée have collaborated with Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato to create Ladurée Macarons By Tsumori Chisato. Presented in a cherry blossom themed box and accompanied by a matching, scented candle, this elegant set of macarons represents the newest collaboration between the renowned French macaron boutique and a famed […]

Diane Von Fürstenberg For Diet Coke Limited Edition Bottles

Diane von Fürstenberg has designed special limited edition bottles for Diet Coke as part of Coca Cola’s tradition of getting designers to design limited edition bottles for them. The bottles feature Diane Von Fürstenberg signature prints wrapped around the bottle and on the cap. All of the proceeds from sales of the limited edition bottles […]

Nespresso Holiday Variations

For the 2011 holiday season, Nespresso have created Nespresso Holiday Variations, a collection of three different flavored espresso. This limited collection contains vanilla blossom, cherry, and dark chocolate flavored espresso capsules made using the Livanto blend, a medium bodied, velvety coffee. Tweet

Shanghai Tang For Nespresso

Nespresso have collaborated with fashion house Shanghai Tang to celebrate the Year of the Dragon and created an exclusive Nespresso set. The set includes the Nespresso CitiZ Dragon coffee machine, a ritual cappuccino dragon cup set and two capsule holders, one with a carved stone dragon inlay and one with carved silver dragon inlay both have silk linings. The […]

Dhjana Limited Edition Nespresso Coffee

Nespresso‘s have released their latest coffee, the Limited Edition Dhjana. The Dhjana Grand Cru hales from four different countries to create a blended harmony. The espresso combines three Arabicas from Brazil, Costa Rica, and Columbia and a Robusta from India. It is an intensity level eight and is full bodied, extra smooth with a creamy taste and a trace of fruit. Djhana is the […]

Onirio Limited Edition Nespresso Coffee

Nespresso’s latest limited edition coffee and their first special blend for 2011 is Onirio. Onirio is a blend of two Arabicas from Sidamo and the Arabica from Yrgacheffe in Ethiopia which are separately roasted. The Arabica from Sidamo has naturally flowery notes with a full rounded body. The Arabica originates from Yrgacheffe is very mild […]

San Pellegrino For Bulgari

San Pellegrino has released in collaboration with Bulgari in the form of a special limited edition bottle to mark the Italian jeweler’s one hundred and twenty fifth anniversary also marked by an exhibition touring the worlds major cities. The bottle features some of Bulgari’s most iconic pieces integrated with San Pellegrino’s label. Tweet

Prunier Love 2011 Yves Saint Laurent Limited Edition Caviar

In honour of Yves Saint Laurent, Maison Prunier has released the 2011 of their Love Edition Caviar. The name derives from the seasons greetings sent by Yves Saint Laurent to friends and family, each featuring exquisite letters in special writing. The caviar used is of the St. James variety which was first introduced in 1932 […]

Ricola Trunk By Pinel & Pinel

Pinel & Pinel have released in collaboration with family owned Swiss confectioner Ricola a collection of eleven unique Ricola candy jars. Each trunk features ten small jars featuring Ricola’s different flavors with a large jar in the center with the owners favorite flavor the color of which the trunks exterior is done in. The trunks […]

Pierre Hermé Bouche de Noël

Parisian pâtissier Pierre Hermé has created an exclusive Bouche de Noël or holiday log cake for the holiday season this year. The log cake is unconventional in that it stands upright as opposed to traditional log cakes which are on their side. The cake is made with chocolate biscuits gently layered with light dark chocolate […]