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Agusta Westland AW 139 Pininfarina Edition

Agusta Westland have created the AW 139 Pininfarina Edition, which represents a continuing collaboration between the Italian design company and the helicopter manufacturer. The seating area in this helicopter will accommodate up to nine passengers with seats covered in soft leather featuring Pininfarina’s ergonomic design. The panoramic windows and the insulated body of the aircraft […]

Bell Helicopter 525 Relentless

Bell Helicopter have launched the 525 Relentless aircraft. The largest civilian helicopter in this company’s history, the 525 can reach speeds near one hundred fifty knots and a ceiling of twenty thousand feet. The interior of the aircraft features a spacious cabin, a large cargo volume, and various technological advancements, including a Garmin G5000H touchscreen-controlled […]

Airbus ACJ318

The Airbus ACJ318 business jet, the newest in this fleet, offers cabins that are almost twice the width and height of comparable business jets. This corporate jet offers seating for nineteen passengers, and the office converts to a bedroom. In addition, the cabin has a modular layout, which divides the space and gives it a […]

Cessna Citation Latitude

Cessna have added the Citation Latitude to their fleet of jets. The midsize plane features a large stand up cabin which is significantly wider than other Citation’s can comfortably accommodate eight passengers. The Citation Latitude is powered by a pair of Pratt & Whitney PW306D engines which give it a range of almost four thousand […]

Cessna Citation M2

The Cessna added the M2 to the Citation range of executive jets. Its ergonomic design carries up to six passengers and two crew. The M2 has a maximum cruise speed of seven hundred and forty one kilmeters per hour and a maximum range of two thousand four hundred and eight kilometers. The Willimas International FJ44-1AP-21 turbofan engines will power the climb to […]

Dassault Falcon 2000S

The Dassault Falcon 2000S is a full size Falcon featuring all the latest technology. Easy II avionics help the pilot make the maximum range of three thousand three hundred and fifty nautical miles. Its efficiency is increased from the new inboard wing slats, high Mach blended winglets, and a greener Pratt & Whitney PW308C engine. […]

Embraer Phenom 300

The latest Very Light Jet from Embraer is the Phenom 300 based on the success of the Phenom 100 Very Light Jet. The Phenom 300 seats up to nine passengers in its cabin with one pilot. It has a range of over three thousand and five hundred kilometers with a speed of over eight hundred […]

Bombardier Global Express 7000 & 8000

Bombardier have released two new innovative business jets as part of their latest collection. The Global Express 7000 has a top speed of Mach 0.85 and a range of 13,250 km, while the 8000’s range goes further at 14,631 km at Mach 0.85. Both business jets include new wings and technology as an upgrade to […]

Cessna Citation Ten

Cessna’s latest addition to their Citation range of executive jets is the Citation Ten. The Cessna Citation Ten has been built to become a more advanced version of the Citation X which is the world’s fastest certified business jet. The Citation Ten can seat ten people and is powered by two twin Rolls-Royce AE 3007C2 […]

Eurocopter Mercedes EC145 Luxury Helicopter

Eurocopter has unveiled a new luxury version of their EC145 Helicopter in collaboration with Mercedes. The EC145 is a twin-engine turbine helicopter with a spacious cabin which can accommodate up to eight passengers with comfortable seats, and a storage room for several pieces of luggage. The interior features splendid wood fittings for the floors and […]