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Vertu Ascent Ti Exclusive Review


We have received our Vertu Ascent Ti and have spent the last few days reviewing it. The newly released Vertu Ascent Ti is an all new phone and has numerous features never before seen on Vertu phones such as a camera and flash. Compared to the regular Ascent the Ascent Ti is substantially larger but weighs less because the Ascent Ti is made of titanium whilst the regular Ascent is made of Liquidmetal an alloy which although stronger than titanium is much heavier. Like the Ascent the Ascent Ti is designed to be very robust and can even be run over by a car.

The feel of the phone like all Vertu’s is very solid and the hand made nature of the phone is instantly observed. The muscular design of the phone is influenced by classic super-cars (the Constellation was influenced by the Lockheed Martin aircraft of the same name) and its sculptural lines and accents reflect its influence. One of the most obvious differences between the Ascent Ti and all other Vertu’s is the size of the screen.

The phone has two high performance loud speakers that deliver unrivalled loudspeaker quality and can be used to play music as well. The speakers are enhanced with stereo-widening software that produces a rich and enveloping sound no matter what the environment.

The Ascent Ti is one of the few phones that will function in almost every country in this world (It will not work in South Korea, The Comoros Islands and Burma) due to its dual quad band GSM and wide band CDMA engine. The phone also features 3G UMTS that can both act as a Bluetooth or USB modem or access the Internet from the phone at very high speeds. The phone includes a special USB input which also doubles as a new charging interface.

On the back is the three megapixel auto focus camera and flash both protected like the screen behind sapphire crystal. The four gigabyte built in memory of the Ascent Ti can hold over five thousand high quality photos

The Ascent Ti uses a specially made version of the third generation of the popular Symbian S40 Operating System. The phone features a large number of themes all of which are automobile related. One innovative feature of the Ascent Ti is the Vertu Fortress application that backs up all data to Vertu’s servers housed in an underground bunker. Another application included on the Ascent Ti is the WorldMate program also included on the Constellation that converts currency, monitors weather, tracks flights and displays time zones. It is also the first Vertu to include games with Golf and Backgammon games on the phone.

The phone uses a new joystick for navigation which although better than the multi directional arrows of the Constellation it is not as simple as the up or down arrows of the Ascent or Signature. As with all Vertu’s the Ascent Ti comes with a year of complementary use of Vertu Concierge. The Concierge key has switched sides and is now on the right making way for a camera key on the left also quite noticeably missing are the volume adjustment keys but volume can be adjusted using the joystick whilst in a call. Although the keyboard is not supported by ruby bearings like that of the Ascent or Signature it does however feature a special floodlight backlighting system that creates an amazing effect on the keys.

Although we reviewed the brown leather Ascent Ti, it is available in black and red leather as well.

Overall the Ascent Ti is an outstanding phone and goes to show that even though most phone companies make progressively worse quality phones, Vertu do the opposite. Vertu invented the luxury phone market and is the only company that has succeeded in it with all the others trying to emulate them with little success.








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