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Krug Flânerie Champagne Cooler

Krug have created the Flânerie Champagne Cooler, a fashionable slouch bag in which to carry Krug champagne. The cherry red interior of the bag is reminiscent of the signature color of the House of Krug, and is enhanced by the interwoven strips of natural cowhide. The cooler keeps the Krug champagne chilled at ten degrees […]

The Dalmore Constellation Collection

Dalmore have created the The Dalmore Constellation Collection. Comprised of Dalmore whiskey from twenty-one years between nineteen sixty-four to nineteen ninety-two, this collection features twenty-one bottles of the finest, luxury whiskey. Two complete collections are available, one which features all of the number one bottles from each of those years while the other includes the […]

Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary Limited Edition Cognac

Known for their extraordinary cognacs, Martell have released the Cordon Bleu Centenary Limited Edition Cognac in honor of their one hundredth anniversary. In addition to floral and fruity notes with undertones of orange and plum, this blend features hints of cinnamon. The cognac comes in a blue crystal bottle, which is presented in a blue […]

Ron Bacardi De Maestros Vintage MMXII

In honor of their one hundred fiftieth anniversary, Bacardi have created the Ron Bacardi De Maestros Vintage MMXII, a blend of the finest rums aged in sixty-year-old cognac barrels. The rum is presented in a hand blown crystal decanter and housed in a leather case, this exquisite rum is limited to a production of just […]

L’Essence De Courvoisier Du Dragon

Courvoisier have created L’Essence De Courvoisier Du Dragon in honor of the Chinese Lunar Year of the Dragon. This exquisite bottle which is limited to a production of just five hundred bottles is made by Baccarat and features a gold dragon engraved on the front. L’Essence De Courvoisier is a blend of more than one […]

Stolichnaya Elit Pristine Vodka

Stolichnaya have released the Elit Pristine Vodka, which is the latest offering in their Himalayan Series. Stolichnaya purifies and distills water from the Himalayan Mountains to lend their signature vodka a fruity, velvety taste. The vodka comes in a hand-blown glass bottle with a gold plated cap and a golden ice pick, all of which […]

Hennessy Beauté Du Siècle

Hennessy have created the Beauté Du Siècle, a cognac displayed in a stunning aluminum and mirrored glass chest and limited to a production of only one hundred. The cognac in the decanter is a blend of one hundred of the finest reserves in the Hennessy cellars some of which are one hundred years old. The […]

2009 Château Mouton Rothschild Label

The 2009 vintage of Château Mouton Rothschild has been bottled and, in accordance with custom, an artist has been chosen to design the label. The 2009 label has been designed by Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor who was commissioned to create a sculpture for the 2012 London Olympic Games. With a burst of his signature deep […]

Hennessy X.O. Methusalem

Hennessy have released a limited edition Methusalem of their Hennessy X.O. cognac. This quintessential cognac comes packaged in a lamb skin covered traveling case created by famed designer Arik Levy. Each case contains a six litre decanter of Hennessy X.O. and a glass dropper to dispense the correct amount of cognac. Production of this year’s […]

Moët & Chandon 1911 Grand Vintage Collection

Moët & Chandon have recently released eleven, limited edition half cases of their vintage champagne from 1911. Made from grapes from a single, extraordinary harvest, the Grand Vintage was bottled exactly one hundred years ago and has matured to a pale, golden yellow. Each elegant leather case contains six bottles of this lively, vintage champagne and […]