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Camus Cuvée 5.150 Cognac

To celebrate one hundred fifty years and five generations of making cognac, Camus Cuvée have introduced the 5.150 Cognac. To create this commemorative cognac, the company blended five different brands of cognac as well as grapes from five approved zones in the cognac region. The crystal decanter, which was created by Baccarat, has rounded edges […]

John Walker & Sons Signature Blend Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Edition

Scottish distillers Johnnie Walker have created the John Walker & Sons Signature Blend Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Edition, a superior blended scotch. The custom blend was made to match the whiskey palate of 2009 Formula 1 champion Jensen Button who worked with Johnnie Walker’s master blender to create this scotch. Limited to just twenty five bottles, […]

Chivas 18 By Pininfarina Limited Editions

Chivas have released a series of limited editions of their scotch whiskey, called the Chivas 18 By Pininfarina Limited Editions. The first design in this series, which is a collaboration between Chivas and the prestigious Italian design company Pininfarina, features a blue, metallic finish outer case and a wood veneer that echoes the oak casks […]

Dôme L’Or De Jean Martel By Eric Gizard

Martell have collaborated with French interior designer Eric Gizard to create a gift box for the complex L’Or de Jean Martell. This exquisite cognac is a blend of more than four hundred eaux-de vie from the Borderies and Grande Champagnes regions. Housed in a Sevres Crystal decanter, this fine cognac is presented under a leather […]

2010 Château Mouton Rothschild Label

The 2010 Château Mouton Rothschild Label has been bottled, and in accordance with a custom that dates back nearly seventy years, an artist has been selected to design the label. The 2010 label is an original work designed by contemporary artist Jeff Koons who drew inspiration from a Pompeii fresco depicting the birth of Venus. […]

Dom Perignon Kyoto Champagne Cooler By Marc Newson

Dom Perignon have worked with Australian designer Marc Newson to create the Dom Perignon Kyoto Champagne Cooler. The design of this pewter cooler was inspired by the tradition of Japanese Samurais, and the handles on either side help highlight the graceful neck of the champagne bottle. The technique used to craft this cooler is reminiscent […]

Dom Pérignon By David Lynch

Dom Pérignon by David Lynch is a collaboration between the legendary champagne house and renowned movie director, David Lynch. This limited edition bottle, named The Power of Creation, is made for the Rosé 2000 and the Dom Pérignon 2003. Each bottle comes in a gift box, resembling a miniature theater, that has silk ribbons to […]

Hennessy Paradis Impérial

The renowned cognac house Hennessy have produced the latest version of their Paradis Impérial. Originally inspired by a commission by a nineteenth century Russian Empress, this unique cognac is blended from several hundred, hand-selected, rare eaux de vie which have been aged from forty to one hundred fifty years. The Paradis Impérial has smoky accents […]

Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary Ultimate Jewel Edition

Martell have collaborated with Parisian jeweler Boucheron to create the Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary Ultimate Jewel Edition. In honor of Martell Cordon Bleu’s one hundredth anniversary, the House of Martell have produced a crystal cognac bottle. The symbol of Martell, the swallow, is featured in gold with a diamond eye and is enhanced by the […]

The Macallan Masters of Photography Collection: Annie Leibovitz

Macallan have collaborated with famed photographer Annie Leibovitz to create the Macallan Masters of Photography Collection: Annie Leibovitz. This third edition in Macallan’s Masters of Photography series, entitled “The Last Word,” was shot against backgrounds in New York City, and the production is limited to just one thousand bottles. Four unique single malts are available […]