Macallan Coronation Bottling

In honor of the sixtieth anniversary of the Queen of England’s Coronation, Macallan have produced the Coronation Bottling. This limited edition set, of which one thousand, nine hundred and fifty-three bottles will be released in the United Kingdom, is presented in a beautifully designed box. Each set includes two three hundred fifty milliliter bottles of […]

The Macallan The Flask By Oakley

The Macallan have teamed with Oakley to create The Macallan The Flask By Oakley. The Flask contains The Macallan’s first-ever, single-cask, All-American Oak Scotch Whiskey. With spicy wood and lemon citrus flavors balanced with creamy notes and a sweet finish, this scotch whiskey’s depth is characteristic of The Macallan brand. The Flask itself features an […]

The Macallan Masters of Photography Collection: Annie Leibovitz

Macallan have collaborated with famed photographer Annie Leibovitz to create the Macallan Masters of Photography Collection: Annie Leibovitz. This third edition in Macallan’s Masters of Photography series, entitled “The Last Word,” was shot against backgrounds in New York City, and the production is limited to just one thousand bottles. Four unique single malts are available […]

The Macallan In Lalique Curiously Small Stills Decanter

Lalique and The Macallan have created their forth decanter together named the Curiously Small Stills Decanter. The decanters contain a rare sixty year old Macallan single malt whisky with rich, fruity, full bodied flavors. The casks were crafted from five sherry butts, from a mix of Spanish and American oak and were filled on the ninth and […]

The Macallan Limited Release MMXI

The Macallan have created a special limited edition this year as part of their 1824 collection which honors the year the distillery was founded. The exclusive MMXI edition has been aged in sherry oak casks which give it fruity characteristics with hints of toffee apple, caramelised ginger and spice, with a long finish. The decanter […]

The Macallan Masters Of Photography Collection: Albert Watson

The Macallan have released a second installment of its Masters Of Photography Collection in collaboration with photographer Albert Watson. The Albert Watson edition comes with a set of ten photographs taken by Albert Watson detailing of how The Macallan legendary whisky’s are made from beginning to bottling. The Albert Watson edition is a Macallan Sherry […]

The Macallan In Lalique

The Macallan have created a unique decanter to celebrate the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary René Lalique’s birth. The decanter contains an extremely rare sixty four year old Macallan single malt whisky from their cellars. The decanter made by Lalique is based upon the design of a ship’s decanter of the 1820’s the same decade […]

The Macallan Linley Whisky Cabinet

The Macallan have commissioned Linley to create a unique cabinet to store six of their greatest vintages. The cabinet is crafted by Linley from English Burr Oak wood and has mirrored interior panels. The doors holds six specially made whisky tumblers with three in each door whilst one door holds a concealed cigar humidor. The […]

The Macallan 1824 Limited Release

The Macallan 1824 Limited Release is part of The Macallan’s new 1824 collection honoring the year distillery was founded. The Macallan 1824 Limited Release is matured in the sherry seasoned oak casks and aged in the part of The Macallan cellar reserved only for the most exclusive whiskys. The whisky comes in a hand crafted […]

The Macallan 57 Year Old Single Malt In Lalique Decanter

The Macallan have launched their third decanter made in association with Lalique and features a rare 57 year old single malt. The decanter takes its inspiration from the Macallan Finest Cut which is the top fraction of a new make spirit which is filled into casks for maturation. The whisky has a mahogany color with […]