The Dalmore Richard Paterson Collection

The Dalmore Richard Paterson Collection, is an extraordinary one off collection of whiskey. This twelve-bottle collection is made from whiskey spanning a time period from 1926 to 1994. Presented in full lead crystal decanters by Glencairn and hand-engraved in silver, each bottle is inspected by Dalmore’s master distiller to ensure the highest quality. This collection […]

The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve

The Dalmore Distillery have created the Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve, a limited edition, re-release. Made from various aged Dalmore single malt, this whiskey was primarily vatted in oloroso sherry casks with a smaller percentage of the blend coming from American white oak ex-bourbon casks. This whiskey pairs well with a cigar or can be enjoyed […]

The Dalmore Constellation Collection

Dalmore have created the The Dalmore Constellation Collection. Comprised of Dalmore whiskey from twenty-one years between nineteen sixty-four to nineteen ninety-two, this collection features twenty-one bottles of the finest, luxury whiskey. Two complete collections are available, one which features all of the number one bottles from each of those years while the other includes the […]

The Dalmore Candela Single Malt

The Dalmore Distillery located in the Firth of Cromarty in the Scottish Highlands has produced a new exclusive single malt named Candela. It is a fifty year old, single malt scotch whisky with forty five percent alcohol. Only seventy seven bottles were made by master blender Richard Paterson. He used the oldest stock dating back to 1868 giving it flavors of ginger cake, spiced toffee, and roasted coffee, […]

Dalmore Eos 59 Year Old Single Malt

The Dalmore have released a unique Eos 59 Year Old Single Malt which is one of the most exclusive vintages from the Highland distillery. The old scotch has been aged for an extra year and has been bottled from the same pair of sherry casks which filled the Selene last year. The name ‘Eos’ derives […]

The Dalmore Aurora

The Dalmore Aurora is a rare forty five year old whisky made by the exclusive The Dalmore distillery. The whisky has been aged for exactly forty six years and features exquisite notes such as: Honeyed pear, passion fruit, banana, blood oranges, marmalade and coffee all in a dark color amber for long aging. Only two […]

Dalmore Trinitas 64 Year Old

The Dalmore Trinitas 64 Year Old is an extremely rare whisky made by the exclusive Dalmore distillery located near Inverness in Scotland. Only three bottles have been made making it one of the most exclusive whisky’s around. It contains spirit dating from 1868, 1878, 1926 and 1939 and is blended together then aged in the […]

Dalmore Sirius Single Malt

The small Dalmore distillery located in the Scottish Highlands is world renowned for its single malt whiskys. The Dalmore Sirius Single Malt was distilled in 1951 and aged in a single cask meaning only twelve decanters could be made with its contents due to evaporation. The decanter is made of crystal with the label is […]