Assouline Cadillac 110th Anniversary Book

Assouline have published the Cadillac 110th Anniversary Book. Through stunning images, this coffee-table book chronicles Cadillac’s impact on the automotive industry and its role in American culture as a symbol of luxury. This hand-numbered, hardcover book depicts Cadillac’s recent innovations as well as the company’s storied past. Publication of this book is limited to just […]

The Impossible Collection of Cars By Assouline

Assouline’s latest book is a one hundred and forty four page tribute to the most exquisite cars of the twentieth century. The collection is presented in a cotton bound book wrapped in a careful black rubber presentation box with a special cutout metal plate. The book is exclusively available from Assouline. Tweet

Assouline Fancy Color Diamond Book

Assouline has released a new book which combines the ultimate combination of a practical manual on fancy colored diamonds for both customers and professionals. The Fancy Color Diamond Book features two hundred and thirty one pages and provides the reader with vast amounts of information about the range of colors available, the challenges faced with […]

Lacoste Book By Assouline

Parisian publishers Assouline have written a biography on René Lacoste and his legendary Lacoste brand. René Lacoste started as a legendary tennis player winning seven Grand Slam titles before starting his clothing firm. The Lacoste clothing firm started out selling shirts made of piqué cotton modeled on his signature tennis uniform with his crocodile symbol. […]

Oscar Niemeyer Book By Assouline

Assouline have made a book detailing the life and work of the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. The book features photos of all his major works including the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum and the United Nation headquarters which he designed in conjunction Le Corbusier and many other architects from around the world. The book comes with […]

Assouline Bag Made By Cole Haan

This bag is designed by French publishers Assouline and made by American luxury brand Cole Haan. The bag features numerals from the didot typeface embossed onto it, the didot typeface is used by Assouline in all of their books. The leather bag is designed to be used as a book bag or a laptop bag […]

Assouline Millefeuille Library

Assouline’s Millefeuille Library is designed to be a free standing shelfing system specifically for five books from Assouline’s Lifetime collection of books. The Assouline Lifetime collection includes fifteen books on a variety of topics ranging from travel to fashion to film. The shelving system is made of aluminum and features the Assouline logo engraved on […]

Assouline Venetian Library

The Assouline Venetian Library is the ultimate library for any bibliophile. The Venetian Library is contains one hundred and thirty nine books wide selection of books focusing on art, fashion and design. The library is made of painted wood and is available in a number of different color combinations. The shelves feature different quotes relating […]

Assouline Havana Book Humidor

Parisian publishers Assouline have released this unique humidor disguised as a book about Havana, Cuba. The humidor features a humidity regulator and gauge which keeps the cigars at the correct humidity level and preserves them from drying out. The humidor book is designed to be able store cigars securely whilst placed vertically or horizontally and […]

Racing Style Book By Assouline

Parisian publishers Assouline have released a special edition book celebrating race cars from the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s which raced at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. The Goodwood Motor Circuit was Britain’s leading racing venue between 1948 and 1966 and hosted all kinds of motor racing including Formula One. The book features over two hundred photos […]