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Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo-Soyuz Watch


The Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo-Soyuz watch was created to celebrate the thirty fifth anniversary of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project mission. The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project mission was a political, technological and historical achievement as it was the first time the US government collaborated with the Soviet government on their respective space programs. On July 17, 1975 astronaut Thomas P. Stafford and cosmonaut Alexei A. Leonov met in the docking hatch which linked their respective spacecraft both of them were wearing Omega Speedmaster Professional chronographs. The watch features a dial made of a slice of meteorite which has been oxidized to give it its unique black color with the seconds dial and chronograph counters brushed to appear in the meteorites natural color. Only one thousand nine hundred and seventy five will be made and they will be available exclusively from Omega stores.