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Ferrari Da Varese Bugatti Type A Pen


Italian pen maker Ferrari da Varese have worked with Bugatti to create an exclusive pen inspired by the Bugatti Veyron. The Bugatti Type A pen is made of the same grade aluminum as the Veyron’s engine with a stainless steel grip. The barrel is then plated with nickel then sterling silver then palladium and finally platinum ensuring it does not oxidize and has The nib is made rhodium plated eighteen karat gold with an iridium tip to ensure smooth writing. The pen has openings made of sapphire crystal allowing one to view the nib and ink level alike and a Bugatti stamp on the bottom of the barrel. Four hundred and ninety nine fountain pens and four hundred and ninety nine roller ball pens will be made and will be available from Bugatti dealerships and Ferrari da Varese stockists.