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Buccellati Eternelle Ring


The Buccellati Eternelle ring has been made by three generations of the Buccellati family and has been interpreted in different ways by each generation. The ring features the Eternelle design which wraps around ones finger eternally is available white or yellow gold and is available with or without diamonds, a bespoke version of the ring can be ordered designed to the specific needs of the wearer. As with all Buccellati jewelry each ring is unique as each is hand made by Buccellati’s highly skilled craftsmen.

From September 25th 2008 to January 10th 2009 Buccellati will be holding an exhibition in the Assumption Belfry of the Kremlin in Moscow. The retrospective exhibition will have numerous magnificent pieces from the Buccellati family archives which were deemed by the family as too unique for sale.