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Gresso Release Avantgarde Collection


Gresso have released their latest collection of mobile phones, the Avantgarde Collection. The Avantgarde collection is powered by the Windows Mobile 6 Standard, making it compatible with many different applications, it features roman numerals instead of numbers which is a first in the mobile phone industry. The phones are made of African Blackwood and titanium with sapphire crystal displays and feature two megapixel camera’s built in. The front panel of the Avantgarde Sol (above) features a new keyboard which is made of gold and utilizes ultra precision turning technology to make every key. The Avantgarde Luna (below) the traditional Gresso laser etched keyboard.


August, 2007

New standard in Luxury.

Gresso is presenting a new collection – «Avantgarde», the intellectual mobile phone made of Gold and African Blackwood. The case of Gresso Avantgarde is manually manufactured and fastened with Gold screws.

The name of the new Gresso «Avantgarde» is derived from the French «avant-garde», which means «to be ahead of the time». This collection is an excelent illustration of the Gresso values: a quest always to push the limits further in pursuit of excellence, as well as the necessity to apply the latest technology.

It is this blend of innovative technologies, rare materials and exclusive design that makes Gresso
Avantgarde truly unique.

Technology. New intelligent solutions.

Gresso Avantgarde is powered by the Gresso operating system based on the new Windows Mobile 6 Standard. It provides quick and easy access to the most frequently used applications.

TFT display of the phone supports up to 65? colors (320*240 pixels). Built-in 2 megapixel camera.

The mobile phone has all the functions that today’s mobile consumers demand. It supports Outlook, Pocket MSN, EMS/MMS/SMS, Bluetooth, synchronization with the PC. The organizer will help to plan working day, there is a calculator, a MP3-player.

All these and many other opportunities are completed with ultraslim design. Thickness of the case executed of African Blackwood is only 14 mm.

Materials. Attention to detail.

The Avantgarde collection is made of African Blackwood, which age is more than 200 years. Two identical phones do not exist, as well as in the nature there are no two identical trees.

Gresso has paid particular attention to detail.

Sapphire crystal glass of 42 K frames the screen. A special feature is the keyboard with Roman numerals. This is also an innovation by Gresso. No phone had ever been designed this way.

Figures and letters of the keyboard are cut out by the laser. Moreover, the keyboard has special, scratch-resistant titanic covering, that has been developed and patented by Gresso company.

The back cover of the phone is executed of stainless steel with a titanic covering and hand polished to a mirror shine. This covering offers protection against scratches and is very durable.

Another technical feat of accomplishment is the magnetic lock of the battery cover, for the first time realized in mobile phone. This constitutes a double advantage, at once both an improvement in the reliability of fastening and in its ease of use.

The back panel of the device is decorated with Gresso logo executed of Gold.

World premiere.

The Avantgarde Collection will come in two models: Luna and Sol.

Gresso Avantgarde Luna. Flat keyboard. Navigation key is executed of Gold. The
front panel is embellished by a triangle inset of Gold – one of the special aspects of all Gresso mobile phones.

Avantgarde Sol. Every function key is made of Gold using ultra-precision turning
technology. This technology, unique for the jewellery industry, ensures a superlative
degree of precision of each detail. A triangle inset of Gold on the front panel.

The Avantgarde Collection will be launched in the fourth quarter 2007.