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Loro Piana Launch Baby Cashmere

Loro Piana have added baby cashmere to their line of fabrics available. Baby cashmere is obtained from the underfleece of the youngest Hyrcus goat kids, it is the most fine and soft type of fabric available (Shahtoosh is much finer and softer but is unavailable legally). Baby cashmere is obtained through a combing process when the Hyrcus goat kids are between three and twelves months old, this combing process yields the incredibly light, soft and fine baby cashmere fibers which are thirteen microns thick instead of the fourteen to fifteen micron thickness of the adult Hyrcus goats used in the production of classic cashmere. The availability of the baby cashmere fibres is very limited as the Hyrcus goat kids produce no more than eighty grams of the underfleece fibers once in a life time which is reduced to between thirty and forty grams following the removal of the coarser outer hairs. In comparison an adult Hyrcus goat produces between one hundred and fifty and two hundred grams per year. Loro Piana products containing baby cashmere are available in select Loro Piana boutiques now.