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Gresso Release More Luxury Phones

Gresso have released two new phone models and some more information about their lineup. The entire collection is known as the Black Aura collection. Gresso now make two versions of their African Blackwood phone, one with pink gold highlights named the Gresso Blackwood Gold Edition and one made entirely of African Blackwood. In addition to the two African Blackwood phones Gresso also make a phone made entirely of pink gold named the Gresso Gold phone. There is some more information in the press release below as well as an image of the whole collection. It is interesting to see how many similarites this phone shares with Vertu’s phones most notably the sapphire crystal display and laser etched keypad.




23 November, 2006

Gresso phone is made of excellent and rare material – African Blackwood. It’s hard to imagine, that the history of phone began 200 years ago. So old is the wood the phone is made of. Two identical phones do not exist, as well as in the nature there are no two identical trees.
Gresso presents its first collection of luxury mobile phones The Black Aura. The collection takes name of two materials used in phone design: African Blackwood and Aurum that means “Gold” in Latin. The Black Aura will come in three models – Blackwood, Blackwood Gold Edition, Gold.

The first, Gresso Blackwood, is entirely made of African Blackwood.

Endowed with African Blackwood case, Gresso Blackwood Gold Edition is decorated with 18 Carat Pink Gold inserts.

Gresso Gold. Its distinctive signs: the front panel made of 18 Carat Pink Gold, as well as the back panel executed from Blackwood and decorated with Gold inserts.

The phone is only 10 mm thick. And at the same time it is very durable. This fact is explained by the exceptional stability of African Blackwood which is comparable to metals. Moreover, the Blackwood feels as cold as metal.

Sapphire anti-glare crystal glass frames the screen. The innovative flat keyboard has special scratch-resistant covering, that is conceded to diamond in durability, and patented by Gresso company. Figures and letters of the keyboard are cut out by the ultraprecise laser.

Gresso Black Aura Collection can operate on three standards (GSM 900/1800/1900), that
provides connection in over 175 countries around the globe.

The Black Aura Collection will be released in 2007.

The official site http://www.gresso.com will be available in the near future. It will contain information about new Gresso collections.