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Armored And Extended Bentley Continental Flying Spur

The Dutch company Rijck was made famous for producing the bomb proof Maybach 62. Rijck have no made an extended version of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur which is also armored but not to the same degree as the Maybach. The Rijck Bentley Continental Flying Spur is extended by 50 cm bringing its length to just over 5.8 metres meaning it is slightly longer than the Maybach 57. The armor does add quite a bit of weight to the car but the 552 hp W12 engine can handle a bit of added weight. The centre panel does look out of place though and Rijck could have taken a leaf from Maybach’s book by making the doors longer alike to those of the Maybach 62.The car is able to withstand sustained fire from a hand operated weapon.