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Bombardier Global Express XRS Corporate Jet

The Bombardier Global Express XRS is amongst the top of its class if not at the top. It is an improved version of the popular Bombardier Global Express model which includes the smaller Global 5000 aircraft model. The range on the Global Express XRS is significantly longer this is primarily due to an extra 675 kg fuel tank mounted at the wings root and more efficient engines. The plane has a range of 6150 nautical miles which is sufficient to be able to fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo or London without the need to refuel. The plane also features a unique system which allows the plane to be refuelled in less than 15 minutes which is unique for an aircraft of its class. The plane seats up to 19 people but seats 8 people most comfortably. It has a cruising speed of 960 kph. The first orders are being fulfilled now.

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