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Limited Edition Montblanc Sport Tantalum Diver’s Automatic Watch

Montblanc has released yet another item inorder to commemorate its one hundredth birthday. This time it is the Montblanc Sport Tantalum Diver’s Automatic watch.

The watch is crafted out of the rare metal, tantalum. Tantalum is known as a highly corrosion-resistant metal and is therefore used for surgical instruments and in other sterile situations. Tantalum is a gray metal which is exceptionaly hard and also ductile and therefore often used for elecrical wiring.

The watch features a helium escape valve (a like to those on Omega Seamaster watches). The watch is a limited edition of 100 pieces and features the Montblanc cut diamond in the crown. The depth rating is 1906 meteres which also happens to be the year in which Montblanc was founded.

From TimeZone.