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Wooden iPod Case Made From Rare & Extinct Woods

A company called Miniot have created an iPod case carved out of a single piece of rare and in some cases extinct hardwood, it is available for the 30 or 60GB iPods and iPod Nano. It has concealed steel hinges and stays shut with tiny magnets. The screen is fully protected because your iPod is completely enclosed. It comes with a monogram of your choice on top and a two-line message carved inside as well. It is available in your choice of olive, zebrawood, walnut burl, padouk, applewood, purpleheart and wenge. Only a hand full of each will be produced as the wood is so rare and each will have a serial number. There is also a regular collection which features woods such as maple, walnut, mahogany, cherry or oak.

The website is here.

More Pictures Below.