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The MAGO Luxury Smart Phone

MAGO is a smart phone which is created out of specialized Titanium, devoid of mass-production methods. The phone is compact, lightweight, fingerprint-resistant. MAGO’s oversized screen is perfect for a smart phone as it allows you to see everything without squinting. It was designed by the Russia based industrial designer Evgueni Maslov.

Its Spec’s are as follows:

GSM/GPRS, 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Class 2 Bluetooth
Wi-Fi 802.11b
Windows Mobile 2005
2.8” low temperature poly-silicon TFT LCD 262,000 colors
non-scratchable touch screen
USB 2.0
SD/MMC card slot

MAGO is due to be released during the third quarter of this year.

From Gizmodo.