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Aerion Corp. To Build Supersonic Business Jet

Aerion Corp. of Reno, Nevada says that it expects to begin developing by next year a sleek supersonic business jet that could cruise at Mach 1.6 and fly from New York to Paris in about four hours (more than three hours faster than a Gulfstream V). “The world’s major businesses and governments have a clear need for faster travel,” says Aerion vice chairman Brian Barents, who is a former CEO of business-jet builders Learjet and Galaxy Aerospace. “The Concorde may have been relegated to museums, but the world has not slowed down. Indeed, the reverse is true”. The companies chairman is Texas billionaire Robert Bass, president of the Keystone investment group. Bass says that Aerion has the three hallmarks of a good investment: proprietary technology, a demonstrable market demand, and low technological risk. “There are,” he says, “no evident deal-breakers”.

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