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The 2006 Rolex Awards For Enterprise Laureates Announced

The Laureates of the 2006 Rolex Awards For Enterprise have been announced. The Rolex Awards For Enterprise were founded by former Rolex Chairman André Heineger in 1976 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the companies Oyster casings. Mr. Heineger’s aim for the awards was and still is “fostering a spirit of enterprise around the world”. The awards are held every two years. The Rolex Awards For Enterprise recognize achievement, in the areas of medicine, science, technology, environment, innovation, exploration, discovery and cultural heritage.

The Laureates are listed below.

  • Alexandra Lavrillier – Helping to preserve the Evenk culture and heritage.
  • Brad Norman – Extensive conservation work done with Whale Sharks.
  • Pilai Poonswad – Conservation work relating to the Hornbill bird.
  • Chandra Shroff – Reviving the Kutchi textile traditions.
  • Rory Wilson – Observation of several animal species.

More information is available on the Rolex Awards site.