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Possible Maybach 52 By 2009 & Maybach 62 S Released

There have been reports of a possible Maybach 51 since eariler this year. However according to some unconfirmed sources Maybach will be introducing a smaller sedan called the Maybach 52 for the 2009 model year. The sedan is to use the extended wheel base version of the Mercedes W221 chassis which is the same as long S-Class. The Maybach 52 will be marketed as a self drive vehicle as oppose to the chauffeur intended Maybach 62 and 57. The styling of the exterior is expected to change slightly but will still keep the general Maybach looks. At the moment no performance data is known. Maybach have also released the anticipated Maybach 62 S today. The Maybach 62 S features redesigned headlights and exhausts. The Maybach 62 S is powered by a 612 hp V12 AMG engine.