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Creative Home Engineering, From Hidden Closet To Hidden Room

Modern home security systems are high tech, but few are high in ingenuity. This is the ultimate in home protection devices which from boring to Bond with the installation of silent, fully-automated hidden passageways that conceal valuables and panic rooms. These custom features provide discreet security and attractive design.
Creative Home Engineering is a contracting company which designs, builds and installs fully-automated hidden passageways. It provides its clients with custom security on the cutting edge. Even though these secret doors can be fitted with ultra heavy duty locks, hinges, and armor plating, their greatest security attribute is that they are totally hidden. As company founder Steven Humble puts it, “A thief can’t burglarize a room he never knows is there.”

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“At Creative Home Engineering, there is no fantasy,” insists Humble. “You dream it, we build it.” Clients have requested devices ranging from rotating fireplaces, moving staircases and levitating wall niches to hidden escape slides and emergency exits disguised as fine furniture.

Features can be activated by any means the client wishes, such as twisting candlestick, pushing a wall sconce, selecting a favorite book title from the library shelf or even knocking on the wall in Morse code. For the most exclusive access, biometric security devices like fingerprint readers and iris scanners ensure that only a few may enter.

For more details visit www.hiddenpassageway.com.