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Bang & Olufsen Introduces BeoLab 4 Speakers.

BeoLab 4 is the new set of loudspeakers from Bang & Olufsen that can be used not
only with a Bang & Olufsen audio and video setup but also with a desktop or laptop computer and iPod.The BeoLab 4 system is a very small yet very powerful loudspeaker based on Bang & Olufsen’s proprietary digital ICEpower amplifier technology. BeoLab 4 connects to a PC or Mac using a normal mini-jack plug and is immediately ready to use. Despite its 20 cm height and 22 cm width, the little pyramid-shaped loudspeaker delivers fantastic sound. This is true of the entire audio spectrum, from deep bass to high treble. It also features many safety features such as auto cut-off if played too loud for too long. This is a product which will surely raise the (currently low) bar of computer speakers very high.