Visconti Carbongrafite By Pininfarina

Pininfarina have designed the Carbongrafite pen for Visconti. This fountain pen features a rotating nib extraction mechanism, which eliminates the need for a pen cap. Crafted from carbon graphite which gives the pen an ideal weight, this pen includes a chromium 18 Smartouch tubular nib, an airtight system that opens and closes automatically, and stylistic […]

Ulysse Nardin Pen By Visconti

The watch manufacturer, Ulysse Nardin teamed up with pen makers Visconti to create a fountain pen. The barrel of the pen is made using a block of deep Ulysse Nardin blue resin which has been carefully crafted by hand. The eighteen karat gold or sterling silver parts are produced in Florence at the Visconti headquarters. […]