Ruinart Champagne Cases By Piet Hein Eek

Ruinart Champagne brand have collaborated with Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek to create limited edition champagne boxes. Made from recycled wood, these v-shaped boxes are made in two color combinations: white, cream, and pale grey for the Blanc de Blanc bottles and pepper red and pink, brown, and raspberry for Rosé. These elegant, contemporary boxes […]

Mirroir Collection By Herve Van Der Straeten For Ruinart

Ruinart, a champagne house which dates back to the eighteenth century, have collaborated with designer Herve Van Der Straeten to create the Mirroir Collection. The Mirroir collection includes ice buckets and silver-plated coasters, all with a contemporary design made by Christofle. Each ice bucket is numbered and signed by the designer and also features a […]

Ruinart Fil D’Or

Prestigious vintage cuvee Ruinart have released a limited edition champagne inspired by the muzzle that covers the cork from the bottle of champagne. Le Fil D’or is dressed in elegance and has been finely dissected on the entire neck of the bottle featuring a real unique bright dress. The champagne is made from wine produced […]

Ruinart Melting Collection

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of its prestigious vintage cuvee Ruinart commissioned the Dutch designer Maarten Baas to create a unique collection for them. The Melting collection includes an ice bucket and glasses which have been designed in a way to create the illusion that the base of the ice bucket and glasses has melted. […]