Rolls Royce One Thousand And One Nights Ghost Bespoke Collection

Rolls Royce have released the One Thousand And One Nights Ghost Bespoke Collection. Inspired by the Arabian Nights folk tales, this ultra-luxury car features a two-tone paint scheme as well as delicate details, including the Arabic words “One Thousand and One Nights” that frame the door handles. This limited edition, bespoke vehicle will be released […]

Rolls Royce Art Deco Collection

Rolls Royce have introduced the Rolls Royce Art Deco Collection, a line inspired by the art deco movement of the 1920s and 30s. This collection includes three different styles of automobiles. The Diamond Black Phantom, which includes an Arctic White and black interior, features stainless steel inlay on the doors while the Powder Blue Phantom […]

Rolls Royce Phantom Coupé Aviator Collection

Rolls Royce have manufactured the Phantom Coupé Aviator Collection in honor of the automobile company’s co-founder, Charles Stewart Rolls, and his passion for aviation. Limited to a production of just thirty-five cars, this luxurious automobile features many aeronautical accents, including an aviation-grade clock, matte-black instrument gauges, and a veneer on the lower dashboard that evokes […]

Rolls Royce Phantom II Series

Rolls Royce have debuted the Phantom II Series, the second automobile in this ultra-luxury series which offers several interior and exterior improvements. Featuring full LED headlights and a reworked lower fascia, the Phantom II also offers the same twelve cylinder engine which is more efficient and a new eight speed automatic transmission. Interior improvements include […]

Rolls Royce Spirit Of Ecstasy Centenary Phantom

Rolls Royce have manufactured a new Phantom in celebration of the centennial of their mascot, the Spirit of Ecstasy. Rolls Royce have created only one hundred Phantoms to celebrate the Spirit of Ecstasy each featuring the mascot cast in silver and a new Rolls Royce badge which is black in color with silver lettering as […]

Rolls Royce Phantom Dragon Edition

Rolls Royce have released a special edition of their Phantom to celebrate the Year of the Dragon next year according to the Chinese Zodiac. The touches of the design are carefully crafted by Rolls Royce Bespoke division and include a gold-colored exterior coachline with an interior embroidered with dragons in four different colors into the […]

Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition

Range Rover have released their latest ultimate model to complete the Autobiography edition. The car takes its inspiration from Rolls Royce and is powered by two engines: the four point four TDV8 or the five point zero petrol supercharged V8 and both are equipped with an eight speed automatic gear capable of reaching zero to […]

Mini Cooper Goodwood

Mini have released a limited production Cooper S in collaboration with the Rolls Royce design team. The Mini Cooper Goodwood has an interior designed to Rolls Royce standards with leather and wood trim. The exterior features seventeen inch alloy wheels as well as other minor improvements to set the car apart. Only one thousand Mini […]

Rolls Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase

Rolls Royce have released an extended wheelbase version of their Ghost sedan. The Rolls Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase is virtually identical to the regular Ghost but is stretched by one hundred and seventy millimeters giving rear passengers plenty of legroom. The Ghost Extended Wheelbase comes standard with rear passenger amenities such as a panoramic sunroof […]

Cessna Citation Ten

Cessna’s latest addition to their Citation range of executive jets is the Citation Ten. The Cessna Citation Ten has been built to become a more advanced version of the Citation X which is the world’s fastest certified business jet. The Citation Ten can seat ten people and is powered by two twin Rolls-Royce AE 3007C2 […]