Louis Vuitton W Bag

The Louis Vuitton W Bag is part of the latest collection from this classic fashion house. Named for the shape of the bag, the “W” bag comes in a variety of material combinations, including soft leather with canvas and embroidered leather. The exterior of this stylish bag features a design that forms an abstract “W,” […]

Chapman Brothers For Louis Vuitton

As part of their new men’s collection, Louis Vuitton have collaborated with the Chapman Brothers to design Chapman Brothers For Louis Vuitton. This limited edition collection will include several bags and scarves, all of which features a rich, all-over embroidery design by the Chapman Brothers and Kim Jones. These items are available exclusively from Louis […]

Louis Vuitton Chérie Cherry Collection

Just in time for summer and for cherry season, Louis Vuitton have created the Chérie Cherry Collection line of jewelry. Each of the three pieces have an Art Deco style and feature the LV signature logo. The necklace has natural motifs and a faux tortoiseshell chain while the pendant includes cherries and strass-encrusted leaves which […]

Louis Vuitton Graffiti Scarves

Louis Vuitton have collaborated with three talented artists to create Louis Vuitton Graffiti Scarves. Helping to usher in Spring, these graffiti-inspired scarves incorporate some of LV’s signature motifs. Japanese artist Aiko’s creation features multi-colored chrysanthemums, Kanji characters, and fireworks while American graffiti-slash-writer Retna’s design incorporates hieroglyphics, calligraphy, and graffiti. Brazilian twin brothers known as Os […]

Louis Vuitton Lockit Collection

Louis Vuitton have created a new jewelry line called the Louis Vuitton Lockit Collection. Inspired by the “love padlocks” which courting couples use to symbolize the permanence of their love for each other, this French fashion house has created pieces of jewelry that represent this practice. The pendants, rings, and bracelets that make up this […]

Louis Vuitton Monogram Majestueux Collection

Louis Vuitton have just released the Monogram Majestueux Collection. These bags feature various materials such as monogrammed canvas, grosgrain, lizard, python, and ostrich leather. This impressive collection includes a wallet, a shoulder bag, and a tote bag. Both the roomy shoulder bag and the handy tote are made from different types of leather and offer […]

Louis Vuitton Writing Collection

Louis Vuitton have created the Writing Collection, which includes writing implements, paper products, and a pot of ink. Harkening back to an era when people communicated via hand-written letter, this fashion house is offering an etched pot of ink, envelopes that feature trunk closures, and the possibility of engraving the items in the collection. In […]

Louis Vuitton Escale Á Paris Jewelry Collection

Capturing the enchanting streets of Paris, Louis Vuitton have created the Escale Á Paris Jewelry Collection to coincide with the opening of their Place Vendôme fine jewelry store. The pieces in this collection evoke Parisian landmarks, including the Place Vendôme, and are crafted from yellow diamonds, white diamonds, and various other gems including emeralds and […]

Louis Vuitton Infinitely Kusama Collection

Louis Vuitton have created the Infinitely Kusama Collection, a new collection marking yet another collaboration between the Louis Vuitton and a contemporary artist. Marc Jacobs, the creative director for Louis Vuitton, worked with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama to create the pieces for this new collection, which includes watches, jewelry, leather goods, accessories, shoes, and ready-to-wear […]

Louis Vuitton Cup Binoculars

Created by French fashion house Louis Vuitton to the mark Louis Vuitton Cup, a qualifying race for the America’s Cup. The rubberized Louis Vuitton Cup Binoculars feature Carl Zeiss optical lenses. These binoculars include a nautical design and were created with sailing enthusiasts in mind. Tweet