Hennessy Paradis Impérial

The renowned cognac house Hennessy have produced the latest version of their Paradis Impérial. Originally inspired by a commission by a nineteenth century Russian Empress, this unique cognac is blended from several hundred, hand-selected, rare eaux de vie which have been aged from forty to one hundred fifty years. The Paradis Impérial has smoky accents […]

Hennessy Beauté Du Siècle

Hennessy have created the Beauté Du Siècle, a cognac displayed in a stunning aluminum and mirrored glass chest and limited to a production of only one hundred. The cognac in the decanter is a blend of one hundred of the finest reserves in the Hennessy cellars some of which are one hundred years old. The […]

Hennessy X.O. Methusalem

Hennessy have released a limited edition Methusalem of their Hennessy X.O. cognac. This quintessential cognac comes packaged in a lamb skin covered traveling case created by famed designer Arik Levy. Each case contains a six litre decanter of Hennessy X.O. and a glass dropper to dispense the correct amount of cognac. Production of this year’s […]

Richard Hennessy Cognac

French cognac house Hennessy have released a unique limited edition cognac. The cognac isblended from over one hundred unique eau de vie some of which has been aged for almost than two hundred years and contains notes of red pepper, tea leaves, dried fruit, vanilla, old oak, herbal floral, spices, red roses to give off […]

Hennessy X.O. Methusalem By Berluti

Cognac maker Hennessy have partnered with French cobblers Berluti to create an exclusive Methusalem of their famous X.O. cognac. The Methusalem is a six liter bottle carefully made by hand and hand engraved with the edition number. The bottle comes in a leather bound wooden chest made by Berluti from the same type of leather […]

Hennessy Paradis Horus Cognac

Hennessy have teamed up with Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani to create a unique bottle for their Paradis Cognac. The Paradis Cognac is a blend of over one hundred old eaux-de-vie from Cognac’s finest growing regions and then aged together in oak casks. The bottle is named after Horus the Egyptian God of the Moon and […]

Hennessy Ellipse Cognac

Renowned Cognac maker Hennessy have released a specially designed Cognac which incorporates all the talents of master blenders from seven generations dating back to 1800 with Hennesy’s first master blender, Jean Fillioux. The cognac has an intensely complex bouquet with notable hints of candied fruit, wild roses and rancio, that earthy aroma that comes from […]