Fabergé Les Danses Fantasques Collection

Fabergé have designed Les Danses Fantasques Collection, a new jewelry collection that takes Fabergé back to its Russian roots and helps this iconic line reclaim its name. These opulent pieces, inspired by Russian ballets, includes rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces with diamonds and emeralds. The Giselle necklace features decorative swirls in white diamonds while the […]

Fabergé Matelassé Collection

Inspired by the opulent Romanov palaces, Fabergé have created the Matelassé Collection. The pieces, which feature a soft, quilted effect, are made from white, gold, yellow, or rose gold and are adorned with diamonds or colored gemstones. Reminiscent of Belle Epoque style but with a modern flair, this collection includes rings, earrings, and cufflinks, which […]

Fabergé Tumblers

Master jeweler Fabergé have created Tumblers as part of their growing line of products. These colorful silver and enamel tumblers echo the historic craftsmanship of the house of Fabergé and adds a modern touch. The creation of this tumbler took eighteen months to design, and its design is modeled after the traditional Russian silver drinking […]

Fabergé Jewelry

Precisely ninety one years after Carl Fabergé fled Russia following the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 the Fabergé name has been revived. Fabergé has been revived as a jeweler with French jewelry designer Frederic Zaavy at its helm. Zaavy took inspiration for the jewelry collections from some of Fabergé’s original works as well as traditional Russian […]

Zadora Timepieces

Zadora Timepieces is the watchmaking company belonging to master jeweler Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof who is referred to as the modern day Fabergé. For his watch collection von Zadora-Gerlof redesigned the whole concept of the watch placing the dial on a drum which rotates around the edge of the case thus freeing the top of the […]

Fab Imperial Bed By Pawsitively Posh

Pawsitively Posh as the name hints is a company which manufactures high end dog beds. Pawsitively Posh have created a unique dog bed inspired by Fabergé’s egg’s. The bed which is made of velvet is deep blue in color (although a similar one is made in pink). The bed is a part of a limited […]