Döttling Pauline Safe

The Döttling Pauline Safe, named for the company owner’s oldest daughter, features a compact exterior and an elegant design. Inspired by the luxury of the Belle Époque, this safe includes drawers for jewelry and documents as well as a portable jewelry case to which customers can add a GPS transmitter. The opening mechanism is camouflaged […]

Döttling Jewelry Box

The Döttling Jewelry Box is small and portable yet secure enough to keep jewels safe. A jewelry case is seamlessly incorporated into the safe, and the details of the safe itself can be designed to reflect each customer’s tastes. Due to the GPS tracking device integrated into the jewelry box, this compact yet elegant safe […]

Döttling The Fortress Safe

The renowned German safe manufacturer Döttling have created The Fortress Safe. This luxury safe offers unparalleled safety and boasts security classes VdS/EN 3 to VdS/EN 5. With a silent alarm function, this safe can be connected to a burglar alarm and offers up to one million dollars of insurance coverage. The safe’s eight, individually-controlled watch […]

Döttling Guardian Safe

The Döttling Guardian Safe allows travelers to keep their valuables in a secure, inconspicuous, and even fashionable manner. This safe, which can be customized, features a handle and a shoulder strap and is covered in high-quality leather. Although this safe is just the size of a thermos, there is a tube inside a small vault […]

Döttling Gyrowinder

German company Döttling have created the Döttling Gyrowinder. Modeled after gyroscopes, which help astronauts prevent spatial disorientation, the Gyrowinder is designed to allow for three hundred sixty degree turns while still maintaining its precision and ability to balance any watch. The Gyrowinder is reminiscent of nautical navigation equipment and is encased in a sapphire glass […]

Döttling Liberty Barcelona Safe

German bespoke safe manufacturer Döttling have created the Liberty Barcelona Safe. Inspired by Modernist architect Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona chair, first crafted in 1929, this safe weighs approximately six hundred sixty pounds and features twelve watch winders and three drawers, one of which is equipped with ten watch cushions. Production will be limited to […]

Hublot Morphosis Safe By Döttling

Swiss watchmaker Hublot have teamed with safe maker Döttling to create the Morphosis Watch Winder Safe, made from steel and carbon fiber. This cylindrical safe weighs approximately one hundred eighty kilos and features an inner cylinder which turns within an outer shell. Two sets of winders can hold as many as twenty-one watches per panel, […]

Döttling Liberty Safe Collection

Döttling have designed the Liberty Safe Collection to fit in better with modern homes. The Liberty safe collection is covered in the finest calfskin with Alcantara interiors. The safe has high gloss polished fittings with a matching input unit. The color of the leather, interior trims, and number of watch winders and drawers can be […]

The Buonaparte By Döttling

The Buonaparte by Döttling was is a two hundred year old safe which was restored by Döttling. Named after Napoleon Buonaparte who ruled at the time the safe was most probably made. The safe is just under two meters tall and is made of waxed steel that has been cleaned and polished. The original locking […]

Döttling Colosimo Safe

The Döttling Colosimo is designed to offer the best protection there is for a watch. The Colosimo is named after Jim Colosimo, who was a bank robber in the early 20th century. The safe features a double watch winder and sixteen locking bolts with thirty two gilged cogs to make the safe work properly. The […]