Camus Cuvée 5.150 Cognac

To celebrate one hundred fifty years and five generations of making cognac, Camus Cuvée have introduced the 5.150 Cognac. To create this commemorative cognac, the company blended five different brands of cognac as well as grapes from five approved zones in the cognac region. The crystal decanter, which was created by Baccarat, has rounded edges […]

Camus Cuvée 4.176 Cognac

The Camus Cuvée 4.176 Cognac is a limited edition Cognac from family owned Cognac maker Camus. The Cognac is named Cuvée 4.176 after the fact that it is composed of four eaux de vie with a combined age of at least one hundred and seventy six years. The cognac has sugary notes of honey and […]