Berluti E Mio Bag

Parisian leather goods maker Berluti have created the Berluti E Mio Bag. This classic briefcase comes in a variety of colors, including burgundy, forest green, deep caramel, and navy. Made from the finest leather, this bag features tasteful, functional accents such as a shoulder strap and a burnished gunmetal clasp. Tweet

Berluti Tryptique Collection

French shoe makers and manufacturers Berluti have released a unique collection of shoes as a tribute to the art of chess. The collection has been reinterpreted and designed to feature all the necessary essential materials in respect to Berluti tradition. There are three distinctive designs which have been created; the Velvet-Clad King, the all leather […]

Hennessy X.O. Methusalem By Berluti

Cognac maker Hennessy have partnered with French cobblers Berluti to create an exclusive Methusalem of their famous X.O. cognac. The Methusalem is a six liter bottle carefully made by hand and hand engraved with the edition number. The bottle comes in a leather bound wooden chest made by Berluti from the same type of leather […]

Berluti Pierre Collection

The Berluti Pierre collection is named after the French word for stone and is inspired by precious gemstones that are cut to make jewels. The Pierre shoes are very rough when new but are modeled and sculpted as the wearer walks like an allegory to polishing and cutting a gemstone into a jewel. The design […]

Berluti Formula 1000 Travel Case

Berluti have created a travel case named the Formula 1000 and takes inspiration for certain aspects of the design from motor racing. The gunmetal wheels are inspired by the wheels of a automobile and have the Berluti B monogram in the center and are designed to roll smoothly no matter the conditions of the surface. […]

Berluti Alberto Collection

The Berluti Alberto collection was conceived by Olga Berluti based on the imaginary character Alberto who she describes as a insatiable traveler avid for adventure. The collection features a new revolutionary method of assembling shoes which involves the toe piece running up the top of the shoe whilst the leather and rubber sole are stitched […]

Berluti Un Jour Briefcase

This Berluti Un Jour briefcase is designed to be used as a briefcase and day bag. The Berluti Un Jour briefcase features a large central compartment which can easily hold a laptop and contains two smaller pockets inside the central compartment as well as a small pocket on the outside. The briefcase is made of […]

Berluti Havana Cigar Case

Berluti are known for their unique leather finishings and this is displayed perfectly in their Havana cigar case. The Berluti Havana cigar case is made of leather which features engraved with writing, it fits two average sized cigars in its two compartments. The case is designed for temporarily carrying the cigars not storing them as […]

Berluti Empreinte Du Loup Collection

The Berluti Empreinte du Loup (Wolf’s paw print) collection was created by Olga Berluti and inspired by men who travel alone like wolves as well as the moccasins of the North American Indians. The shoes are made of supple calf leather and their soles are embossed with wolves paw prints thus creating the illusion of […]