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Mercedes SLS AMG GT3


Mercedes have released their new supercar in preparation for the 2011 season racing season. The SLS AMG GT3 was designed entirely by Mercedes’ high performance AMG division and features modified body with a race-grade aerodynamics package and additional vanes on the front corners which can be adjusted depending on the downforce of the axle. The long hood includes a large central aperture and the rear of the SLS AMG GT3 is controlled by a changeable wing attached to the trunk lid which has a unique diffuser underneath to operate the different heating and mechanical systems that the car uses. The car is powered by the standard six point two liter V8 engine from the SLS AMG with added features to enable the driver of the SLS AMG GT3 to have firm control of the rear wheels due to an enhanced steering wheel and a locking differential. The Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 is available exclusively direct from Mercedes in extremely limited quantities.