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Tag Heuer Meridiist Limited Edition


Swiss watch maker Tag Heuer has released three new limited edition models to their Meridiist luxury phone line. The new models of the Meridiist phone all feature the same design and functions as the original model but each phone has its own unique finish. The Tag Heuer Meridiist Black Diamond is made of precision 316L stainless steel, has been wrapped in lizard skin and features eightteen carat rose gold with one point three four carat diamonds. The Meridiist Python Gold Dust features diamonds which are mixed with gold, East African green garnet, and python leather. The Tag Heuer Meridiist Stainless steel and rose gold has the same features as the other two phones but has alligator leather and there are no diamonds added. Each Meridiist phone is equipped with a two megapixels camera, two gigabytes of internal memory and is available exclusively from Tag Heuer.