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Jaquet Droz La Ligne Bleue


The Jaquet Droz La Ligne Bleu collection translates as The Blue Line and refers to the deep blue color of the dial. The collection consists of Jaquet Droz’s five main watch styles with a blue enamel dial. The watch uses one of Jaquet Droz’s most famous techniques named Le Grand Feu (the big fire) enameling technique in which the dial is fired multiple times to gain a clean and deep color. Jaquet Droz fires their white and black enamel dials between ten and fifteen times and between each firing they apply a fine coat of powder no more than a millimeter thick to maintain the depth of the enamel, the blue dials of the La Ligne Bleue have been fired twenty times. Only eight of each model will be made with the majority featuring an eighteen karat gold case except for L’Origine which features a stainless steel case, all five models feature blue alligator straps which match the dial.