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Assouline Millefeuille Library


Assouline’s Millefeuille Library is designed to be a free standing shelfing system specifically for five books from Assouline’s Lifetime collection of books. The Assouline Lifetime collection includes fifteen books on a variety of topics ranging from travel to fashion to film. The shelving system is made of aluminum and features the Assouline logo engraved on the top and in order to remove a book it is necessary to dismantle the shelves using the supplied wrench.

1. Adventure Hotel Stories
2. Dolce Vita Style
3. Dressing in the Dark
4. French Riviera
5. Hitchcock Style
6. Palm Springs Style
7. Putman Style
8. Time By Chanel
9. Weddings of Style
10. In the Spirit of the Hamptons
11. In the Spirit of Cannes
12. In the Spirit of Las Vegas
13. In the Spirit of Miami
14. In the Spirit of Venice
15. Island Hotel Stories