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Diaries For 2008


To celebrate the new year we have compiled a small list of diaries for 2008. The first is a black Hermès diary with a simple goatskin cover, it has pockets in the front and back cover. The diary features one page for every weekday and includes most holidays.


Asprey have their button diaries are available in calfskin as well as many different precious skins such as alligator, crocodile and ostrich. The diaries are compact and feature the whole week on two pages and can be easily refilled.


2008 marks the 100th anniversary of Smythson’s most famous innovation, the portable diary. To mark the anniversary Smythson have made numerous special edition diaries made of alligator skin and featuring clasps encrusted with gemstones. Smythson diaries are available in many different sizes, formats, materials and colours.


This Louis Vuitton diary is made of Taiga leather and the pages are held together by a ring binder which allows it to include other pages such as calenders relating to specific events, an address book and even multiple diaries. Louis Vuitton also makes diaries in Monogram and Damier canvas as well as Epi leather.