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Steinway Lyngdorf Model D Music System


The Steinway Lyngdorf Model D Music System was covered earlier this year in May but now Steinway have released more details. The Model D Music System is the result of two years research into acoustics and electronic reproduction of sound. The Model D features RoomPerfect technology which provides optimal audio performance in any room through a very precise installation process performed by a Steinway Lyngdorf specialist. Further information is available in the press release below.


London – Steinway Lyngdorf today announced the commercial launch of its first signature product – the Steinway & Sons Model D Music System.

Marked by a series of intimate, by-invitation-only events paced across the world’s style capital cities over a 12 week period, the commercial launch was announced by Peter Lyngdorf, Founder, Steinway Lyngdorf, in Singapore, the first launch venue. Steinway Lyngdorf’s commercial launch activities will span across New York, Los Angeles, London, Monaco through to Dubai and Hong Kong.

The Model D Music System is the world’s first integrated, fully digital music system. It is developed and manufactured by Steinway Lyngdorf, the innovative new company which was formed through the collaboration of Steinway & Sons, the renowned maker of the world’s finest pianos, and Peter Lyngdorf, Europe’s pre-eminent audio manufacturer.

Announced in New York earlier in May 2007, the collaboration sets a new high for the audio industry through the introduction of a new, ultra-prestigious category for discerning consumers worldwide. The Model D Music System is developed for primarily for the home as well as for prestigious commercial properties.

“We are very pleased with this collaborative partnership,” said Steinway & Sons Executive Vice President, Frank Mazurco. “From the onset, it was apparent that both Steinway & Sons and Peter Lyngdorf shared an uncompromising commitment to excellence, incomparable craftsmanship, and attention to quality. The responses from customers during the pre-launch months have proven to us that the music systems developed and manufactured by Steinway Lyngdorf are truly worthy of the Steinway name and will, undoubtedly, offer unsurpassed performance and exceptional value to its clients worldwide.”

“I have been on a quest my entire life to realize my dream of developing innovative audio systems that set an unequaled standard of excellence for the industry. Through the Model D Music System, Steinway Lyngdorf has created this new paradigm,” said Peter Lyngdorf, Founder, Steinway Lyngdorf. “Over the past 3 months of the pre-launch period, we have been extremely heartened by the positive reception as well as the privately placed orders of the Model D Music System even before our commercial launch. This is a great re-affirmation of our belief that the Model D Music System will indeed set a new precedent in performance as well as deliver truly extraordinary experiences to our clients worldwide.”

Peter Lyngdorf is in Singapore to host the Singapore-based launch event and press previews for the international media, as well as to speak at the 7th Forbes Global CEO Conference as a panelist.

The Singapore launch event will host an international guest list from around the region and feature a private exhibition of Steinway Lyngdorf’s creative vision, a pictorial journey of the making of the Model D Music System as well as a musical soiree. The event is held at the Arts House, Singapore’s oldest government building built in 1827, which was recently converted into a charming and intimate venue for cutting-edge contemporary visual arts, music performances and a popular stage for international artists.

The Model D Music System is a signature product that embodies all the fundamental elements of the company’s vision, brand and product mission. Led by Peter Lyngdorf’s compelling vision, a team of international talents, designers and engineers came together to realize the vision over a period of 2 years. A testimony to the extraordinary fusion of design artistry, finest craft, and perfected technologies, the Steinway & Sons Model D system delivers an outstanding reproduction of music akin to a live performance or concert.

The Model D Music System is the culmination of painstaking research and development in both electronics and in the acoustic performance of amplifiers and loudspeakers. The system incorporates an advanced version of Peter Lyngdorf’s revolutionary RoomPerfect technology, which enables it to adapt to the acoustic characteristics of the listening environment in order to ensure unsurpassed audio performance. At the time of installation, a highly trained Steinway Lyngdorf service specialist will utilize RoomPerfect to “voice” The Model D System to provide optimal audio performance. The Model D Music System is also the first of its kind to employ fully digital amplification with RoomPerfect adaptation technologies.

Precision-built and hand-assembled as a completely integrated music system, all components were carefully selected and designed from the outset to complement each other perfectly. Each Model D Music System encompasses twin speakers, which were painstakingly crafted through more than 170 hours of precision machining. It takes approximately 7 weeks to assemble a single Model D Music System. The sleek and contemporary design and black lacquer finish on the Model D Music System’s classic range offers the same distinctive Steinway & Sons lacquering found on the world’s best pianos. Bespoke finishes will also be available to address personal preferences and style needs of clients worldwide.

Steinway Lyngdorf has embarked on an unconventional sales and distribution approach to address the discrete purchasing preferences of its global clientele. While the company plan includes the opening of branded experience suites in selective markets, the Model D Music System is currently showcased at private events held in the homes of high profile individuals, as well as a number of the world’s most iconic and exclusive clubs and hotels such as The Core Club in New York and at landmark properties like the Raffles Hotel in Singapore and the Ritz in Paris.

The Company has also begun a comprehensive training and certification program for Steinway dealers, rigorously selected service and installation partners, and high-end custom audio installers throughout the world including Audio Command Systems, Audio One and Engineered Environments in the US.

The Model D Music System begins deliveries to its first clients in the last quarter of this year.