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Montegrappa Limited Edition Fleet Race Pen


The Fleet Race pen is Montegrappa’s second pen made to commemorate this years America’s Cup. The pen is named after the so called qualifying Fleet Races held in Valencia last Autumn in which all yachts participate at the same time. The design of the pen is inspired by the mast of a racing yacht whilst the design of the cap resembles the hull of a yacht. The pen is available in a sterling silver fountain pen (1851 pieces representing the year of the first America’s Cup) and rollerball pen (800 pieces recalling the average total square metres sail area of a modern America’s Cup boat) and in a 18K yellow gold fountain pen (204 pieces as the total number of crew members, 12 yachts with 17 men each) and rollerball pen (32 pieces to commemorate this 32nd America’s Cup). The cap and barrel of the pen are lacquered with a special non slip finishing (black for the silver version and anthracite grey for the yellow gold models). The end part of the barrel is decorated with the logos of the America’s Cup.