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Bentley Brooklands Coupè


Bentley have released a completely new Coupè at the Geneva Motor Show this year. The Bentley Brooklands Coupè is a four seater which is designed to fill the void between the Continental GT and the Arnage. Named after the British racetrack the Brooklands Coupè is not to be confused with the Brooklands sedan which was introduced in 1992. The Brooklands Coupè has a classic Bentley grille as oppose to the sportier one used in both the Continental GT and Continental Flying Spur whilst the body resembles the Azure and Arnage. The car is powered by a 6.75l all aluminum engine capable of outputting 500 bhp. Deliveries of the Bentley Brooklands Coupè will begin next year and will be limited to 550 cars.

More photo’s below.