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Vertu Constellation Exclusive Review

We have received our Vertu Constellation and have reviewed it. As with all Vertu phones it comes in an excessively large box. The phone at first feels very heavy even without the battery but as with most things weight signifies quality. This particular model is the satin steel and black leather model, the ceramic keypad version will be available in a few months as well as the gold version. The phone as with all Vertu phones has Vertu’s special bevel keypad system giving it a perfect feel and a sapphire crystal screen. The OS is Nokia’s S40 (which is based on the Symbian Operating System) making it similar to some Nokia phones, however the OS is far superior graphics wise.

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As with all Vertu phones it has a concierge key located on the left hand side which once pressed dials the Vertu Concierge button which can arrange for anything from a restaurant reservation to a boat charter. The influence of the design of the phone is aviation as one can tell from the name (Lockheed Constellation) so the themes for the OS match it, there are themes which have rotor blades on it, runways and many different city based themes. The icons on the constellation are also all aviation themed. The weight of the phone is slightly more than the Nokia 8800 but is better balanced. The Constellation is the first Vertu to have a four way scrolling system which makes it alot faster to use. The phone has Bluetooth, GPRS and EDGE making it the perfect phone for keeping in touch on the go. The phone has WorldMate software which allows you to keep track of flights, different time-zones and currency rates. WorldMate software is very easy to use and can be customized to suit your needs. The craftsmanship is also very noticeable as the phone is hand made and is screwed together using miniscule screws.

Overall the phone is of very high quality as with all Vertu phones and has an excellent OS which makes us highly recommend it.