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Brabus Tuned Mercedes SLR McLaren

Brabus are famed for their exceptional ability to perfectly tune Mercedes’ cars and they have attempted the impossible, to improve an already perfect car, the Mercedes SLR McLaren. The car features many upgrades but most prominently upgraded is the engine whose power is upgraded to 660 hp allowing it to get to 100 kph in just 3.6 seconds. Brabus also modified the aerodynamics of the car making it stick better to the road. The wheels are also different making it stand out even more than the original SLR. The interior is also modified with the upholstery of the seats is changed to a finer black and red combination of Alcantara leather. The floor of the car is stitched with 7.8 kilometers of fine thread. Also a custom ergonomically shaped Brabus sport steering wheel is used which integrates the cars transmission into the grip of the wheel. The interior also features carbon fiber finishing to match the material used by the chassis.