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Mercedes McLaren Mini SLR Concept

Mercedes is developing another super car in conjunction with McLaren. At the moment Mercedes produces the 612-bhp SL65 AMG on the one hand and the 626-bhp SLR on the other. Although there is no significant difference in performance Mercedes is developing the mini-SLR to join the current SLR at the top of its range. The mini SLR would sport a newly developed 5-litre V8 performing some 400 bhp, and due to its light-weight the mini SLR will reach top-speeds of beyond the latest SL65 and will outrun the SL65 from 0 to 100 km/h. The mini SLR would be marketed as a super car like the SLR rather than a performance roadster like the SL65. Please not the image above is just a mock up and is not official.