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Grob SPn Utility Jet By Grob Aerspace

The Grob SPn Utility Jet is a unique jet for a number of reasons firstly it is the first jet in the world which can land on a “unimproved” runway. A “unimproved” runway is a runway which is not made of a hard material such as tarmac or asphalt but of rubble or grass. This is a feat which was previously reserved for turbo-prop aircraft or light aircraft. The Grob SPn Utility Jet achieves this due to the unique design of its landing gear. The jet also features an innovative modular cabin design which can be adjusted easily so that more cargo or more passenger can fit inside. In the standard configuration 8 passengers can fit inside and 1.1 tons of cargo. The plane can fly up to 3000 nautical miles which will easily allow it to fly from coast to coast without refueling. It is also certified by the FAA to only require one pilot. Overall the Grob SPn Utility Jet is a remarkable jet and is already sold out for the next two years.

From Grob.

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