De Grisogono Bags

Swiss jeweler De Grisogono has launched a bag collection which incorporates the companies ethos from jewelry and watch making into bag making. The collection features bags made of leather, woven leather and silk in a large variety if colors and designs. The silk bags feature De Grisogono’s signature paisly design on it and the leather […]

De Grisogono Instrumento 93 Annual Calendar Watch

Swiss jeweler De Grisogono have released another watch into their growing watch collection. The Instrumento 93 features an automatic movement with a seconds dial, a date indicator and a month indicator. The watch is available in white, rose or yellow gold and are available in De Grisogono stores worldwide. Tweet

De Grisogono BrownyBrown Ring

This De Grisogono ring is made from De Grisogono’s special gold, aptly named BrownyBrown after its brown color. The BrownyBrown gold is actually brownished pink gold, it differs from Boucheron’s Chocolate gold as it is slightly darker. The top portion of the ring is encrusted with 1.75 carats of diamonds. This ring and other items […]

De Grisogono Truffle Slicer

Even though the white truffle season is coming to a close January hails the prime season of the black truffle. An essential tool used in the preparation of truffles is the truffles slicer which slices truffles into paper thin slices. De Grisogono have created a truffle slicer made of sterling silver. The truffle slicer features […]

De Grisogono Think Fit Collection

The Swiss jeweller De Grisogono have released a whole series of work out items such as weights and skipping ropes in a collection known as the Think Fit collection. The collection features sterling silver weights and a braided leather roped skipping rope. The collection comes in a box set and even comes with a bottle […]

Spirit Of De Grisogono, The Worlds Largest Black Diamond

The Spirit of de Grisogono is the worlds largest cut black diamond and the fifth largest diamond in the world. The diamond had a rough weight of 587 carats and was mined some time ago in western Africa before being brought to Switzerland where it was cut using the traditional Mogul diamond cutting technique. De […]

Dunhill Sidecar Stingray BlackBerry Case

Dunhill have released an exclusive BlackBerry case made of stingray skin. Stingray skin was used 18th century by Samurai’s as handles for their Katanas (swords). The unique property of stingray skin is that it is extremely strong and resistant to wear and tear. More recently Swiss jeweler and watchmaker De Grisogono has pioneered the use […]