Moët & Chandon 1911 Grand Vintage Collection

Moët & Chandon have recently released eleven, limited edition half cases of their vintage champagne from 1911. Made from grapes from a single, extraordinary harvest, the Grand Vintage was bottled exactly one hundred years ago and has matured to a pale, golden yellow. Each elegant leather case contains six bottles of this lively, vintage champagne and […]

Moët & Chandon’s Golden Jeroboam

Moët & Chandon have created the Golden Jeroboam to celebrate. The Impérial bottle is covered in twenty four carat gold leaf and comes with a specially designed pen so people can personalize it. The Golden Jeroboam’s art pays homage to the noble heritage of the Trianon architecture at the Moët & Chandon’s estate. It is adorned […]

Moët & Chandon Bar Boy

French champagne makers Moët & Chandon have released a limited edition of the famous Bar Boy. The set is unique as it is a symbol of the 1960s which has been reinvented specifically for Moët & Chandon to contain three bottles of Grand Vintage. The Bar Boy includes a bottle of Grand Vintage 2002, Great […]

Moët & Chandon Golden Jeroboam

French champagne makers Moët & Chandon have released a limited edition Golden Jeroboam for the holiday season. The bottle has been made by an inevitable argenteur located in the left bank of Paris and has been covered with gold by the most skilled artisans in the city to become a more elegant and refined object. […]

Moët & Chandon Midnight Gold Case

The Moët & Chandon Midnight Gold case is a case designed specifically to chill bottles of Moët & Chandon and is made of lambskin covered with gold. The Midnight Gold case was designed by the French designer Camille Toupet and features hand sewn Swarovski crystals and gold beads which draws it inspiration from Champagne bubbles. […]

Moët & Chandon Limited Edition America’s Silver Winch

Moët & Chandon have released a limited edition silver winch to commemorate their sponsorship of the America’s Cup. The 32nd America’s Cup Silver Wench by Moët & Chandon is a portable bar with a ice bucket shaped as a winch as the centerpiece. The winch comes in a small teak and carbon fiber cabinet with […]

Moët & Chandon Release Star Of The Night Champagne

Moët & Chandon a subsidiary of LVMH have released a new version of their popular Brut Imperial Champagne. The Star Of The Night Version of the Brut Imperial features a special edition bottle encrusted with Swarovski crystals. This is the first major change to the design of the Moët & Chandon Champagne bottle in more […]